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Have you heard this before?

All of us have at some time needed to contact a service provider. Most of them have their own call centres, which manage these requests using an automatic recording.


The system prompts you to enter a number, which forces you to remove the phone from your ear and press the number on your phone. After they remove it from your ear the third time, most people get a feeling of wasted time.

About us

Communication efficiency

aiTWM was created in order to bring technological solutions to the field of effective communication. Everyone in our industry perceives communication as an exchange of information. Our company brings innovation to this industry by replacing number dialling and intuitively without the need to choose an option by touch. Voice is enough. We provide clients with an intuitive choice of requirements.


The system increases the efficiency of operation of your call centre. The answer to each question you choose is automated and recorded and then sent in a standardized format. The principle is flexibility and efficiency. Many call centres face the same questions at different times.


Effective communication is the most valuable thing in the modern world. We bring new innovative technologies that will ensure high efficiency in the thing we use most often, namely human speech. Using artificial intelligence, we can make the most of the potential of our solutions.


We bring progress

The service offers a wide range of uses, from making the operation of call centres more efficient to research agencies needing in-depth analysis. We are making progress with the advent of new call steering technology and the call analysis system we have developed. This is voice recognition technology, there is no need to transfer the selection manually onto the system. Our unique analytics system is based on a logical evaluation of the caller’s answers to your questions.


Subsequently, our system implements the required action: transfer to a specialized department, transfer to an external telephone number, sending an e-mail, sms or the client receives the required response via a recorded voice without the need to communicate with a call centre agent.

The voice on the phone sounds human and natural, you choose the type of voice yourself, as you know your customers best.


The issues that the system can evaluate must be of a closed nature, as current technology is not yet cost-effective.

Our values

Benefits for you


Your clients no longer need to press a number, they communicate naturally. Our unique analytics system is based on logical evaluation of clients' answers to your questions. Subsequently, our system implements the required action and the client receives the required response.

Cost reduction

You can reduce costs by directing clients to the right place, or an automatic voice will provide an answer to their request. You no longer need more staff for repeating questions, which will provide you with a uniform answer to client requirements.


Your employees no longer have to repeat phrases that are systematically used when receiving calls. You can guide the client to the solution they request. A variable system of choices enables them to do so. By systematically asking questions, it evaluates the client’s request and assigns it to a logical answer.


We will adapt the system to your requirements. The service can also be used for various surveys. An interesting project is the creation of a free telephone number that collects basic data from the caller and at the same time asks them for the necessary information.

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We has developed an innovative system to simplify work and increase comfort for your customers.

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